Monday, March 21, 2011

Who Attends a Baby Shower??

I went to a baby shower over the weekend. It was for a friend that I first met when she was in my girls' cell group in college. We both go married and for probably 3 years, give or take?, we were in couples' cell group together. We continue to go to the same church, so I'll get to have her little guy in the nursery:) As I was sitting there, and on the way home, I was pondering the different types of people that may be at a baby shower. Every time you're in a group, you know that there are lots of journey's represented there. Let me explain:

1)The Happy Mother-to-be (or two, since I sat by another expectant mommy) who got pregnant in less than a month (or without trying at all), and is being blessed by her family and friends as she embarks on this new journey.

2)The Current Infertile, who sits through yet another baby shower, desperate for the day that everyone will gather for her's. I am so blessed to have so many caring people in my life, and I really am excited for my future baby shower, whenever that may come. I am grateful that God has brought me to a place where I can attend baby showers and not just sit quietly, choked up, and waiting for the time I can run to my car for a weeping session. I am SO happy for my friend, and for the other babies that are coming.

3)The Past Infertile, who sits at the table with her miracle daughter. There were two (that I know of) that were at the shower with their daughters, and I was reminded of God's faithfulness in both of their to two children, each because of the power of prayer.

4)The 'Tweens and Teens, who watch with wonder as the guest of honor pulls out tiny little onesies, and who sits and daydreams about her future as a mommy. I remember baby showers when I was younger, and one just assumes that everyone will get pregnant (easily) and be a mommy. For these girls, I PRAY that their dreams will come true without heartache. But if not, I will be glad to testify to God's grace in my own life (and by then, I WILL have a baby one way or another!).

5)The Been There, Done That's, who offer sound advice to mommy-to-be, and smile while the cute outfit they got the baby is pulled out of the gift bag. They are happy to buy adorable little clothes, because they are reminiscent of a time when they cuddled their own cooing baby. They know what a blessing mommy-to-be is in store for, and are eager to welcome one more to the "mommy club."

I know that I missed a few. Maybe I'll come back to it later, but probably not...


Steph said...

What no older single ladies?! Yep, I wasn't there ;)

Adriane said...

i may have to add on to this post...i thought you were part of the "'tweens and teens" catergory:)

Steph said...

Ha, ha. I accept the young thoughts!